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Smartec sensors and the Smartec UTI can be applied in many different ways to create ingenious devices. Our experience is that writing software measuring times and duty cycles (which is what you have to do to use our temperature sensors or the UTI interface) is not so easy. This is especially true when you are using low cost low speed microcontrollers. To support the designer in achieving his goal Smartec created ready to go software software, as well as examples of how to write software yourself and how to overcome all kinds of problems like synchronisation and resolution errors. As the UTI is really a Universal Transducer Interface it will not surprise you to find examples of quite different applications, such as measuring low voltages (thermocouples) and how to connect 6 Pt100 elements (four wire) to the UTI or connect such elements with cables up to several hundreds of meters long


For the Smartec Temperature Sensor :

  • DSSMT16030.PDF  DS : Technical specifications of the SMT160-30 (Smart temperature sensor July 2005)
  • APPSMT01.PDF  AN :Measuring duty cycles with 51 type micros, including software flowchart and sampling considerations
  • APPSMT02.PDF  AN :Measuring duty cycles with 68H micros. How to prevent synchronization problems
  • APPSMT03.PDF  AN :TMP04 a second source for Smartec SMT16030 T092
  • APPSMT04.PDF  AN : A low temperature gradient detector with the SMT160-30. (May 2006)

For the Smartec Temparature Evaluation boards SMTAS04/08:

  • DSSMTAS08.PDF DS: Manual for the Smart Temperature Aquisition System for 8 sensorsJuly 2005
  • DSSMTAS04.PDF DS: Manual for the Smart Temperature Aquisition System for 4 sensors November 2004
  • USBCONNECT.PDF How to connect the SMTAS04USB to the PC USB portOctober 2005

For the Smartec Infrared Sensor:

For the Smartec Humidity Sensor:

For the Smartec UTI:

  • DSUTI.PDF  DS: Universal Transducer Interface October 2006
  • DSMUX01.PDF  DS: Smart multiplexer for multiple capacitor measurement October 2005
  • APPUTI01.PDF  AN: Humidity + Temperature measurement with UTI, RS232 output. Flowcharts with software algorithm
  • APPUTI02.PDF  AN: A temperature measurement system for legal applications including software flow chart for PIC micro
  • APPUTI03.PDF  AN: Fact sheet on possibilities of UTI
  • APPUTI04.PDF  AN: Application note book on UTI (edition)
  • APPUTI05.PDF  AN: Accurate measurement of DC Voltages with UTI; a concept with UTI in CMUX mode
  • APPUTI06.PDF  AN: Startup guide for measurement of capacitors with three signal technique, January 2003
  • APPUTI07.PDF  AN: Accurate measuring the phases of the output signal; with software flow chart for all types of micros
  • APPUTI08.PDF  AN: Long distance sensors on UTI. Especially long cables PT100/1000 measurement
  • APPUTI09.PDF  AN: How to connect 8 PT100 element to one UTI (concept)
  • APPUTI10.PDF  AN: Measuring thermocouple voltage with UTI and analog multiplexer
  • APPUTI11.PDF  AN: Pressure sensor interface for the UTI
  • APPUTI12FR.PDF  AN: Mesurer précisément des petits signaux issus de capteurs distants avec un microcontrôleur, janvier 2003
  • APPUTI13.PDF  AN: A micromachined Nanoidentation Force sensor build with the UTI (capacitive mode 0-2 pF)
  • APPUTI14.PDF  AN: Connection of Pt100 with long cables (DC excitation)

For the Smartec Pressure Sensors:

  • DSSPD01.PDF  DS: Smartec Pressure Sensor, October 2005
  • DSSPD015Asmall.PDF  DS: Smartec Absolute Pressure Sensor, 0-1 bar or 0-6.5 bar, miniature SO8 housingSeptember 2005

New (2007):

  • DSSPD102DAhyb.pdf  DS: Smart differential LOW pressure sensor with analogue output, range 102 mm water column

  • DSSPD002GAsil.pdf  DS: Smart pressure sensor, gauge type, with analogue output, range 2 PSI (5 pin SIL)
  • DSSPD015GBhyb.pdf  DS: Smart gauge type pressure sensor, bridge output, range 15 PSI (hybrid technology)
  • DSSPD015GA.pdf  DS: Smart gauge type pressure sensor, analogue output, range 15 PSI (6 pin DIP)
  • DSSPD015AAsil.pdf  DS: Smart absolute pressure sensor, analogue output, range 15 PSI (5 pin SIL)
  • DSSPD100GD.pdf  DS: Smart pressure sensor with digital output, gauge type, range 100 PSI (6 pin DIP)
  • DSSPD300ABto5.pdf  DS: Smart absolute pressure sensor, bridge type output, range 22 Bar(TO5)

  • SPDbrochure.pdf: Brochure of all 2007 released Smartec pressure sensors.

  • SPDnames.pdf: Name convention of all 2007 released Smartec pressure sensors.

For the Smartec Multiplexer:

  • DSMUX01.PDF  DS: Smartec Multiplexer for Capacitive Sensors (MUXC01),
    August 2003


For the SMTAS08 board:

For the SMTAS04 board:

  • SMTAS04.ASM  Source code listing of the Assembly program in the PIC processor
  • SMTKITVB.ZIP  PC software, Visual Basic application (Obsolete)

For the UTI Evaluation Kit:

  • UTIKITEVAL.ZIP PC software, Labview executable, January 2003
  • UTIKITEVAL.C Source code listing of the C-program in the PIC processor


For the Smartec SMTAS08 board:

  • DSSMTAS08.PDF Manual for the Smart Temperature Aquisition System for 8 sensors July 2005
  • SMTAS08MANFR.PDF  Manual du Système Intelligent d'Aquisition de Température à 8 canaux Janvier 2003

For the Smartec UTI Evaluation Kit:

For the Smartec SMTAS04 board:

  • DSSMTAS04.PDF  Manual for the temperature sensor evaluation kit for 4 sensors November 2004


All relevant documentation and files (data sheet, application notes, software etc.) for our products can be downloaded from the SUPPORTSHOP page.